Custom Sidebars Plugin v0.8

June 1, 2011 1:42 pm 157 comments

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There have been a lot of people contacting me about the Custom Sidebars plugin, it has reached +20000 downloads already. Some of them have told me about a bug, others about some possible improvements… Thanks to you all, I will try to listen to everybody to make a useful plugin.

In case you don’t know what this plugin does, Custom Sidebars allows a WordPress administrator to create all the sidebars that he or she may need and assigns them to a post or page individually. It also permits you to assign custom sidebars to the home page, category archives, custom post types, author pages… Long story short, Custom Sidebars gives you the control over your site’s sidebars.

Download Custom Sidebars plugin

What’s new on version 0.8

  • Category hierarchy is now handled properly, so if a post doesn’t have a defined sidebar, it uses the one that belongs to its deepest level category and if it can’t find a sidebar defined there, it will go up in the category hierarchy looking for it.
  • Now you can set a sidebar for a custom post type post individually.
  • The way that the plugin replaces sidebars has been improved, making the replacements really fast.
  • There have been some improvements on the interface.
  • Compatibility assured up to WP 3.2 beta 2.

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Some tutorials to get started

Quick how-to: Replace your default sidebar

[imagebrowser id=2]

Quick how-to: Create a new sidebar

[imagebrowser id=3]


Let’s push your website a bit further

My name is Javier Márquez and I have more than 10 years of web programming and web designing experience. If you have a difficult development to complete, maybe you can stop by and see what I can do for you. You can find me on and Twitter.

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  • I think it’s a great plugin, unfortunately I have an issue with one site not displaying them which is really odd…

  • Adam F

    Cheers Marquex, this version fixed a issue I had with the plugin not altering the global category view of the sidebar, this was a showstopper for me which is now gone. My site will now be richer for being able to use this plugin. Your work is really appreciated. Thank you!

  • Pretty sweet. I would just like a way to mass edit posts to use a custom sidebar instead of setting each post sidebar one at a time.

    • javimarque

      Thanks Terrablood,
      The easiest way to assign a sidebar to multiple posts is add the same category to all those posts, and set a sidebar up for that category.

      I will think to add a bulk action for sidebars in the future anyway.

  • Hi marquex,

    Looks like a fantastic plugin. I have a multi-author blog with about 20 writers (and growing.) I need to prevent authors from changing out the sidebars, and just automatically load a sidebar depending on post category. Is there a way to hide the sidebar option from them in their text editor? Thanks.

    • javimarque

      Hi JD,

      Nice point there, I didn’t thought about the capabilities for the editor metabox.
      If you want to hide the sidebar selection for your authors you will have to modify the plugin in your admin area:

      Plugins >> Editor >> Custom Sidebars (Select)

      Look for the following function in the code (line 383):

      function addMetaBox(){
      global $post;
      $post_type = get_post_type($post);
      if($post_type && !(array_search($post_type, $this->ignore_post_types))){
      $post_type_object = get_post_type_object($post_type);
      add_meta_box('customsidebars-mb', 'Sidebars', array($this,'printMetabox'), $post_type, 'side');

      and replace it for:

      function addMetaBox(){
      global $post;
      $post_type = get_post_type($post);
      if($post_type && !array_search($post_type, $this->ignore_post_types) && current_user_can($this->cap_required)){
      $post_type_object = get_post_type_object($post_type);
      add_meta_box('customsidebars-mb', 'Sidebars', array($this,'printMetabox'), $post_type, 'side');

      This will make the trick! I’ll fix it for the next version of the plugin.

      About post categories, if you have ordered them in a hierarchy, the post will display the sidebar of the category in the deepest level. If you have 2 categories with their own sidebar in the same hierarchy level, the post will show the one of the first of them alphabetically. There was not a better criteria for choosing.

      Just try to keep your categories tidy and you will have no problem about the sidebars.

  • Something else I just thought of – If I have it set up to swap out sidebars for different categories, what would happen if an author added several categories to a post and each category had a different sidebar?

  • Thanks javimarque,

    Thanks for the solution – it worked out just fine. Check your PayPal.

    Having the sidebar swapped out based on hierarchy, and alphabetically, will work perfect for what I am doing. I also have a plugin that needs to be modified if you are interested. Send me an email and I’ll tell you about it.

  • Francesca

    Thank you for offering your plugin, but I have run into a big issue while testing your plug-in on my site. After de-activating the plug-in, I lost the ability to edit my widgets through drag and drop on the widgets page. I have tried de-installing and re-installing the plug-in, but my widgets are now “broken”. Do you know why this is the case and how I can fix it?

    Many thanks,

    • Francesca

      Sorry to bother you! I just realized it was a different plug-in that caused a problem with the widgets, not yours. I am sorry for not looking more carefully before I posted my earlier comment!

  • Felipe

    How do you not have a side bar on a paticular page, is there a way to do that?

    • javimarque

      Having a sidebar in a page is your theme’s task. You need a theme that have a sidebar for the pages, and custom sidebars will allow you to replace that sidebar for the one you like.

  • Clementina

    Hi Javi,
    Thank you for your wonderful work!

    In addition to adding the sidebar through the plugin’s default sidebar and per/page selector options, I would like to call one of my new custom sidebars in the theme files. I’d like to set options for my archive pages based on a taxonomy system I built with a different plugin.

    Do you know how I can determine how to call the sidebar?
    This is the typical call:
    I’ve tried:


    where newsidebar is the name I gave to the sidebar, but I haven’t gotten it yet.

    Thanks so much for any tips!

  • Clementina

    Let me try to ask again :)

    This is the typical call:

    I’ve tried:


    where newsidebar is the name I gave to the sidebar, but I haven’t gotten it yet.

    Thanks so much!

    • javimarque

      Hi Clementina,

      It seems that blog comments dont like you code, anyway, if you have a custom taxonomy system you won’t be able to set custom sidebars based on it. It is really difficult to handle sidebars for custom taxonomies, and I think not so many people will use it so custom sidebars will never have that feature.

      But I have planed an extra plugin to handle the taxonomies, it has no release date, but you will get it in the future.

      Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send me your code, I think it won’t strip what you write out.

  • If you continue to have problems showing code in a comment add the keyboard tick symbol around the code. It may help show it.

    Although, it may not….

  • I tried showing some code and it doesn’t work so never mind…just delete these comments ;)

  • hi,

    I’ve been trying to implement custom sidebars into my store pages and it doesn’t seem to work. Ever since updating to WPeC 3.8, my template files are acting a bit crazy.

    My top priority is to assign a custom sidebar to the single product page. Right now, my product description overlaps my sidebar. I tried to active a custom sidebar with only a shopping cart, but the changes aren’t taking effect.

    Do I need to change anything in my template files to make this plugin work?

    Thank you! I look forward to putting custom sidebars to use.


  • btw, here is an example of a single product page…

    thank you!

    • javimarque

      Hi alex,
      In the product page you sent me I can see there is a style rule in that is making the content width wider than the column itself, so that’s why the overlapping.

      About not working custom sidebars, are they working for other posts but not for WPEC products? Maybe the new version of that plugin templates are not loading the sidebars properly. They should use the function dynamic_sidebar. If they are not working at all, maybe your theme is not calling the action arqex_head in your html header.

  • Why can’t I see custom sidebar option on my pages after update? Not in screen options either? Help please.


    • javimarque

      Ey ed, could you be some specific? What did you update? What version did you come from? What WP version are u using? What is your theme?

  • Thanks for a great plugin! After updating to WordPress 3.2 this morning, the custom sidebar inside my pages have disappeared! I see my sidebars when looking at my website, but I do not see the option to chose a specific sidebar when editing pages.

    For example, at the page: which I wrote this morning, I don’t even get the option to chose a custom sidebar. It seems as if the option itself has disappeared, though I see the plugin in the plugin list and the sidebar shows on my other pages.
    I am using the elegant theme TheCorporation.

    Thank you for quick assistance!! :)

  • Robert

    Since updating to WP 3.2 the Sidebar Menu is missing on backend of the pages sites. It doesn’t take any effect to the custom sidebars I have already installed, though, I can’t create any new sidebars for my pages.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem? I’d highly appreciate any help!

    Thank You!


    • javimarque

      Ok, message received. It seems that something may be broken with the new version of WP.. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

  • Robert

    Javimarque, the main problem is that your sidebar menu doesn’t appear at the backend of the pages or posts site anymore. So there is no chance to choose any of the custom sidebars which I have already created.

    I hope this specifies the problem a little bit more.

    Thank you very much for being so kind and trying to immediately find a solution for this! Thanks! :)))

  • Justin

    … I’m having this same problem: just updated WordPress and now I can’t change or select the custom sidebars I want to display when I create or edit a page. Any progress investigating a fix for this bug, or advice on how to get around the issue? Thanks very much!

  • javimarque

    Ey guys, I’ve just uploaded a new version of the plugin to the wordpress repo. In my case I only had problems with the sidebar selection in pages. I could fix it easily, so you can download the new version in few moments.

    If it works nicely, consider a donation. If you don’t believe in donations, consider voting 5 stars!

  • Robert

    Javimarque, thank you so very much for fixing the problem! Great job! Again, Thank you!!!

  • Ryan O'Connell

    Has anyone else had issues with this plugin on WordPress 3.2? For me, all the stuff in the backend shows up and seems to work properly, but the sidebar just isn’t replaced in the frontend.

    The right sidebar area is selected for substitution; I’ve made a custom sidebar; and selected that sidebar on the appropriate page. And the regular sidebar still shows up on every page.

    I’ve tried it with the regular twenty eleven and twenty ten themes and still nothing. Is there a way I can get some debug information for you?

  • andrej

    hi and thnx for fixing this prob. its so nice!

  • The best plugin ever! I bought an expensive suite of themes that had a bug the programmers could not fix and your plugin did the trick! Works with WP 3.2.1 perfectly. Thanks a million! Can’t find your donation link or you would be drinking coffees on my account for the rest of the week!

    • javimarque

      Thanks Promitheas,
      I appreciate so much your kind words and the donation! :) I have some ideas to keep improving the plugin, so stay upgraded.

  • I have installed v. 0.8.1 of custom sidebar and my webpage appears error “Warning: usort() [function.usort]: Array was modified by the user comparison function in /data/www/www_studio32_cz/promikro_org/wp-content/plugins/custom-sidebars/customsidebars.php on line 866
    “. What is wrong? Thank you.

    • javimarque

      It seems that you have an old version of php in your server. I take note, and I will try to support it for the next version of the plugin. Anyway try to turn off your php warnings, it’s the easiest fix.

  • Hey,

    I successfully used your plugin on one site, using WP 3.2.0, but now on another site, using WP 3.2.1, despite having sidebars created, with widgets in, there is no option to select a new sidebar.

    I have no idea why. Any ideas?


  • Duncan

    First of all I would like to say what an awesome plugin.

    One feature that I would like to see though and don’t know if you would consider it in a future update is the ability to only show the sidebars that can be replaced for that individual page (or template). Much like the advanced custom field plugin by Elliot Condon. On that plugin you can create custom fields specifically for a page/page type/templates etc.

    At the minute I have the option to replace a sidebar on a page that doesn’t even have a sidebar for example. I am purely suggesting this as I hand a lot of my websites over to clients and try to make them as user friendly as possible.

    I hope it may be something you consider.

    • javimarque

      Hi Duncan!

      You are right, now all the replaceable bars are shown in the page edition, even if the page uses a template that doesn’t have sidebars. The problem is that the plugin only has access to know what sidebars are registered and what are replaceable. The only nice solution I can imagine for making it easier to your users is using some hidden custom field where the admin could tell which bars are not suitable for replacement in that page.

      Maybe for the next version if people want it.

  • Therese Kristiansen


    I have absolutely loved this plugin up until this very moment. I have moved my site from localhosted to its actual domain site. The plugin is still activated, but some of the sidebars are gone, and in all of them, all the information is gone! :(

    Any idea what’s happened?

    • javimarque

      Hi Therese,

      Have you migrated the whole database? Migrating the database would make the trick, but you have to migrate it complete, otherwise I can’t asure you the things will be ok. One of the milestone for the plugin is adding export-import sidebars functionality. It’s hard stuff though….

      • Hi. I’m having to rebuild a client’s site on my servers as her previous designer/developer has “disappeared”. I need to export their sidebars but don’t see where I can do that. I saw back in 2011 that the functionality would be integrated. So, where is it???

        • javimarque

          Hi Kelley,

          The sidebars exporting is really difficult, because to be usable you need to have the same widgets and create (and delete) them in the same order than the original to make it work. The sidebars just store references to the widgets id.

          That is the reason why there is no exportable sidebar in wordpress. Only a complete database export and plugin installation would make the job done.

  • Florent

    Ok, I fixed it. Default sidebars must not have widgets.

  • I’m redesigning this website and just downloaded your customized sidbar plugin. I am LOVING IT! This is kind of a complicated site and I want to help the navigation throughout to be seamless for users. Thank you thank you thank you and please never go away! :) I’ll shoot the link once we’re live with the new site so you can see your great work at use and I will definitely be donating to this.
    thank you!!!!!

  • Hi, I’m using version 0.8.1 on a Photocrati theme and the custom sidebars only work on pages other than the one set as the default posts page. In this case the page called “blog” shows the default sidebar even though I’ve set a custom one to show. As soon as I go into settings>reading and change the default posts page to something different, the “blog” page custom sidebar shows up fine and the new posts page goes back to a default sidebar. Any idea why this might be happening?


    • javimarque

      The blog sidebar is always working for the page that is set in the settings>reading. If your main page is the blog page, maybe there is some other sidebar set up for it. I have a great rule: as less sidebars as possible, so the default sidebar is really important to me and I use it as much as I can. For the main page I use the default sb and configure others.

      • Melissa

        Thank you very much for the wonderful plug-in!!

        I’ve read in your comments that the “blog” sidebar is set as the same sidebar for your main page. Is there any way to target the blog page with a specific sidebar that is different from the main page?

        • javimarque

          Of course,
          Go to Appearance > Custom Sidebars > Default Sidebars > Default sidebars for pages

          There you can config your sidebar for the blog page.

  • pealse reply me for texonomy sidebar its not working for taxonomy page

    • javimarque

      For custom taxonomies is not working by the moment, it’s hard to build an interface

  • Hi,

    Just want to say what a great plugin this is. However, I’ve come across a bit of a snag which affects the layout of my site.

    It seems using Custom Sidebars on my theme causes the Single Post page not to line up correctly, and additions like Outbrain, Disqus and other added material (such as a Google Adsense block) aren’t loaded until the sidebar has rendered and line up with the bottom of the bar.

    You can see here: what I mean….

    Any idea how to fix this? I’m not sure where to start looking tbh.


    • javimarque

      All the plugins you have installed use javascript to load themselves once the page body is loaded. Custom sidebars just load before the HTML is generated so i’m sure it is not the problem. I would bet that a widget inside the sidebar is the one which is making your site load slowly.


  • Thanks for you reply. i implement at admin side for taxonomy its listed in default sidebar section.

  • Hi, I’m using version 0.8.1. It’s so nice plugins. I love it.
    My theme has 3 columns and 2 sidebars.
    But Custom Sidebars can set the only primary widget area in a post or page.
    I’d like to set the primary widget area and secondary widget area at the same time what can I do?

    Thank you

    • I’m sorry. I Could.
      I selected the boxes multiple and ‘Save changes’.
      Then metabox displays the primary and secondary boxes.
      That’s a wonderful plugins, awesome!

      Thank you

  • Javier…

    Need help big time!! We’ve been using WP 3.2 along with the previous version of Custom Sidebars for quite some time with no problems. Everything has worked great. We have about 15 custom sidebars which we use on various pages of the site.

    Today I tried to add an additional custom sidebar. I could create the sidebar and add widgets. However the widgets would not remain (yes I did save). I disabled all plugins to troubleshoot – no help. Disabled Custom Sidebars and started again. No help. I upgraded to 8.1 with the same results, however the contents of all sidebars were removed, and cannot be replaced. The sidebars still show on the Widget page. I cannot modify the standard sidebar either. I have a site that is badly broken and a very unhappy client (me too). I don’t think your plugin is the issue, but don’t know where to start. IDEAS????

    Anything is greatly appreciated.

    • javimarque

      It looks like something has change the way your wordpress saves the sidebars. Have you installed some other plugin recently?? The upgrade of the plugin shouldn’t remove the content of the sidebars.

      • 4 plugins have been added since I last altered sidebars (not by me, but by site owner). ClickTale Plugin, Exec-PHP and 2 custom plug-ins, Custom Dealer Search and Custom Dealer Search Page (these allow visitors to find Dealers of this business – does a search by ZIP codes). I’ve been looking all over for a solution, but no luck. Is it possible the theme is the problem? It is a custom theme created about 2 years ago.


  • Is there a way to change how child pages are displayed? I would like them listed (indented) under the parent page in the sidebar menu, instead of a drop down menu. It would be perfect if they child pages only appeared when the parent page is selected.

  • Eddie

    Hi, do you know whether your custom sidebar plugin will work with WPML?
    I would really like to use it if possible.


  • camilo

    I’m trying to add a custom sidebar to a category. but only works on posts..

    i need the custom sidebar on the root of the category page. can u help

    • javimarque

      U can get that going to Appearance >> Custom Sidebars >> Default Sidebars >> Default sidebars for pages >> Post Category list

      There you can change the category archive sidebar.

  • Just curious if anyone else had this issue…I don’t know that it’s related to Custom Sidebar plugin functionality or not.

    I have a site with lots of Categories…only one of them doesn’t show up in the Custom Sidebars -> Default Sidebars “By category” list.

    I can’t determine anything out of the ordinary, other than this particular category is the number 1 indexed category in WP’s database (term_id = 1 in arqex_terms table).

    Would this make a difference to Custom Sidebar?

    • I did have this issue as well. Creating a new “default category” and moving my (thankfully small # of) child categories under it enabled the selection option defined above.

  • Hi

    Can someone help configure this (great) plugin? I’m trying to add a Class to each new custom sidebar. I understand the Before-Widget, but everything I add in this area doesn’t work.

    Anyone show me an example please?


  • Greg Zeck

    Pardon this elementary question: I am not a coder or developer. I’ve installed your plugin and activated it for the site and specific pages. Now how and where do I get content into the new sidebar? Your explanations don’t explain that.

    • javimarque

      In the widgets section of your wp admin area. You can download widgets or use those wich come with wp

  • Greg Zeck

    To explain more clearly, I see the new custom sidebars in my widgets area, below the default sidebar. But unlike the down arrow in the default sidebar, the custom sidebar arrow does not open up a blank area in which to write. Rather, it shows the text of the description I’ve used when creating the custom sidebar. And does not permit me to replace that text or add to it. Hope this helps.

    • javimarque

      There are some cases where the custom sidebars are not working nice in the interface of wordpress. One of them is when you name your sidebar as other part of the wordpress interface. If your sidebar is called footer, when you drag a widget to that sidebar, the wp interface thinks that footer is the footer of the admin area, so it tries to add the widget there instead in the sb. Use a different name for it and I’m sure it solves your prob

  • samanth

    Nevermind! I got it!!

    Once I was made the main sidebar replaceable, I had the option to select my custom sidebar. Haven’t finished yet. I’ve got to cook dinner!!

  • H The Newbie

    Hi, I have been using your plugin extensively as of late. In fact I have a website that is practically built around the Custom Sidebar plugin. However, since figuring out that I have no way to back up my widget configuration, I feel vulnerable. What if a new Worpress upgrade or another plugin disrupts the plugin? Any incompatibility whatsoever down the line could set me back for months. If there is a way, please design a “backup settings” function.

  • Karen

    How do I allow Editors to access the Custom Sidebars so that they can add new sidebars themselves?

    Love the plugin by the way. Can’t imagine WP without it!

  • I’ve been looking for somewhere to post a question about your plugin and am not finding it. I’ll ask you here for now, but if you’d like to post a link to where you want questions to go that would be great.

    First of all, great plugin. I’m using the Thesis framework and it’s been working great on the pages. My problem is to get it to work on posts. I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but nothing is happening on the posts. Like I said, the pages are doing great. Works like a charm on them. Any ideas on what I’m missing? Thanks.

    • javimarque

      Check that the blog post are loading the sidebars with the function dynamic_sidebar(). If so, you should configure a default sidebars for all posts in Appearance >> Custom Sidebars >> Default Sidebars >> For Posts >> By Post Types >> Posts

  • Awesome plugin. Thank you.

    Is it possible to add some css class or ID for the sidebars so it would be easy if anyone want to style the sidebars uniquely.


    • javimarque

      Nice comment. I have never thought about it, because the sidebar is supposed to be the one of the theme, and it inherits the theme style. But I think that adding a class doesn’t harm anyone, so I will try to include it in the next update.

  • Awesome. Thank you, that worked. Posts are loading just fine now.

  • Oibibio

    Thank you very much javimarque, and Happy New Year!

  • Hi,

    Having some issues on one site where the sidebars are not working.
    There are no problems in updating it on WordPress 3.3.1 as it works fine on one site. However, its not working on another.

    Both sites are widget enabled, both are running WordPress 3.3.1. On the site it doesn’t work, there’s no option to select the sidebars on the drop drown on the page editor. That’s the only problem. Everything else is fine.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong?

  • Hi there.
    Great plugin…but……
    It appears that only an Admin can choose to add a sidebar.
    I have two Editors who require this function when creating posts. Although the option to choose a sidebar appears in the post editor, and they can tag one, it doesn’t display the sidebar. When I check the post the sidebar option is unchecked.
    Have you noticed this?
    Please feel free to mail me for comprehensive details.

    Many thanks

    • javimarque

      Any user that can switch themes, can create sidebars. Switch_themes is the capability needed to manage widgets, so if you can’t edit widgets you can’t create custom sidebars.

      There are some plugins to give capabilities to the roles, so you can make your author be able to create the sidebars.

  • Great plugin but having an issue.
    Appears that ONLY admin can choose to associate a sidebar with a post.
    I have editors that need to do this.
    Am i missing something?



  • grafics

    Very pleased with this plugin, thanks for your work. I’m encountering one problem. The custom sidebars are set properly for pages and post types, but are not following to a child page that uses a custom page template.
    Is there some way to call a specific custom sidebar within the template?
    does not work.

  • Congrats for this very useful piece of work.

    Is page hierarchy handled, if not, is it a planned feature (as the bulk action seems to be)?
    What I would want to achieve is automatically getting the same custom sidebar as the parent page for the child pages, except for a few specific child pages which would have their own custom sidebar assigned.
    Can it be currently done, am I doing something wrong?

  • Hello,

    I am happy to have found a way to customize my sidebars. It needs some problem solving though. My customized side bar for my home page shows in Chrome and Firefox, but not in IE8. Any ideas what to do to make it work? Theme: Twenty ten 2.1 – wordpress 3.3.
    I also have two website with DIY themes. Any idea if the plugin works in DIY?

    Thanks in advance

  • Problem solved. I added Widget Entries and that seemed to do the trick. My custom sidebar is now also visible in IE. I tried it out in the DIY theme, and the first results are positive. Thanks for this great plugin.


  • Great plug-in. I spent my entire evening figure out my theme sidebar.php. After installed your plug-in, it just simple as abc by dragging the widget to accomplished my goal. Appreciated that. Many thanks!!!

    • javimarque

      Thanks Kohwai, if sometime I go to Singapore will contact you to know the best places!!

  • Hi Javi!

    I am having a problem that it’s just making me crazy. The Custom Sidebars plugin was working as a charm on my website until I changed to a new server. I have the exact replica of the older server in the new one and everything works exactly the same but not the Custom Sidebar.

    I have deleted and reinstalled it making sure there is no mention of it in the database before the reinstall to make sure it will be a clean installation but there is no way to make it work.

    I can create sidebars, add widgets to it, but at the moment of adding it to a page I don’t have the option at all, no matter what kind of page template I use.

    I would really appreciate any help you can give me. It’s imperative for my company to have different sidebars on different pages.

    By the way… my theme is compatible with your plugin 100%

    Thanks in advance,


    • javimarque

      Are you using the last version of the plugin? After wordpress 3.2 you need Custom Sidebars v0.8.1 to use your sidebars in the pages.

    • Hey Georgette,Do you have a link to the site so I can take a look?If you don’t want to post it here please feel free to mail me.I have idnieifetd a weakness in the CSS which I have fixed in an upcoming 0.0.11 release but if I could confirm that this also works for you that would be aces.Ta,Todd

  • Dmitry

    Thanks for the plugin. How can I reorder newly created sidebars in the admin panel? Suppose I created both left and right sidebars for category A, but I also created some other sidebar inbetween and now the sidebars for category A are not displayed beside each other. And I would like to see them as immediate neighbours in my admin panel.

    • javimarque

      Sorry, it takes too much effort to reorder the sidebars. Wait for the next version and you will find a new interface to handle the sidebars much better.

  • After reading through the comments, I see that custom taxonomies can be complicated, is there any way to call the sidebar by an id with get_sidebar or any other suggestions to use this with a template for a custom taxonomy?

    • javimarque

      Yes Scott, you can call any new sidebar created by the plugin using the wordpress function ‘dynamic_sidebar(id)’. The easiest way of knowing the sidebar id is going to the admin area and Appearance>Custom sidebars. There click on edit the sidebar you want to know the id and in the edit page you get the id under the tabs

      • Hi Javimarquee, I’m trying to call my sidebar in my template using the template tag mentioned, .. But when I check for the sidebar id I get a name instead of a number; like ‘id=cs-home-one'; whereas the sidebar is called home-one. If I create a sidebar with a number rather than a name, I still get the same: ‘id-cs-1′ And this causes a 500 error to my page.
        Any help? Thanks!

        • javimarque

          Hi Eugene, then ,in your template you need tu use the dynamic_sidebar(‘cs-home-one’) function, remember to wrap it in php tags! The cs- prefix is mandatory to not mess up with others page ids that could be in some themes.

  • Paolo

    This plugin definitely saved me tons of work and time on a complicated project involving pages and sub-pages … Great work and thanks a lot!!!

  • Scott

    Hi There,

    Really enjoying your plugin, really filled a need for my site after I converted a static HTML site with unique sidebars per page to a wordpress site!

    One question though, I have a search on my site, and the search results page is only showing the default widget. Is there a way I can target the search results page (which is ?s=*search term*) to assign a sidebar I have created in custom sidebars to it?


  • Pamela

    Okay. I’ve seen some useful plugins in my day. But, this one is absolutely crazy useful. It took a minute to understand the replaceable sidebar thingy. But, now that I understand how that is meant to work, the rest has been a piece of cake. Really appreciate your work on this. Brilliant stuff. Seriously.

  • Carin

    Hi – great plugin! I am having an issue though, and am wondering if you might have any pointers. I am using the Mega Menu plugin in place of the main menu on a site, and it works beautifully. Your plugin also works beautifully. However, they don’t play well together. When I add a new custom sidebar, it shows up and works perfectly, but the mega menu disappears completely.
    Mega Menu is javascript based and is contained in a sidebar. I have made sure that the mega menu sidebar is *not* one of the “replaceable” sidebars. Any idea if this might be a javascript conflict?
    Thank you!

  • Hi there,

    I have changed the sidebar of archive posts to one of the widgets in a sidebar named sidebar1. Some default sidebars of other pages are updating except for the archived posts. How can I fix this issue? thanks

  • Signe

    Hi, I just wanted to come and say a big thanks for this wonderful plugin. It works perfectly, letting me address several layout issues in such a simple way I didn’t think was possible! THANK YOU!

  • Linda

    I clicked each of the links to your tutorials and arrived at the same lengthy forum. Is there a broken link there? Hmmm. Last post is 2012. Maybe that’s the problem – hope not…

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