+You Google Bar: Customize it!

July 5, 2012 5:55 pm 13 comments

There is something about Google that has always annoyed me, the links in the black upper bar. That bar couldbe really useful, I remember when I had a link to Google Reader in it, what a beautiful time!! But some day Google decided that there are more interesting things to show in that bar, like Google Play that I have never used, and they don’t let me configure the bar to bring my beloved Reader back.

That’s the reason why I ended up creating a little Chrome extension to sort the Google bar and bring back useful links from Google which have been exiled to the More menu or further away.

+You Gbar adds a configuration menu to the Google pages that let you add, sort or remove the links from the Google bar easily, just by dragging and dropping.

In seconds you will have the bar that you need instead of the bar where Google promotes its last products. How nice!! +You Gbar also stores a different sidebar for differents Google users, so it can be useful for several people using the same Chrome.

So what are you waiting for increase your productivity?

Download +You Gbar Extension


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  • HeavyMetalJess

    This is great but I’d love to be able to add Bookmarks to my bar but it is not a listed option. Any news on when it will be added?

    • javimarque

      I’ll think about it. I see other tools similar to +You Sidebar have that option, but don’t chrome have a bookmark toolbar??

  • Would be really nice if I could add Google Voice to the Gbar

    • Agreed – this is just what I was looking for, but it would be nice have Voice as an option.

  • Hi,
    is it possible to add contacts to the bar ?
    Thanks for this great software !

  • Es algo útil aunque con pocas opciones. Todo se abre en una nueva página y no deja de ser un mero organizador. Pero me gusta, un saludo y gracias

  • warsur

    You did a great job, thanks.
    Is it possible to add Latitue to +You Google Bar?

  • felipingo

    excelente felicitaciones por este plug-in realmente me hacia falta algo haci!! :)

  • Kabir Kuznetsov

    I think it would be better to link Google Groups as groups.google.com—which means everyone would have old or new interface accroding to his/her own choice—than as groups.google.com/grphp?pli=1—wchich means old interface for all.

  • Thank you so much for this. It isn’t often I come across a plugin or tool that is exactly what I need/want to solve a problem.

    If you had a way to receive money I’d gladly send you some for this.

    Thank you again. It’s a handy piece of work.

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