Let’s push your website a bit further

My name is Javier Márquez and I have more than 10 years of web programming and web designing experience. If you have a difficult development to complete, maybe you can stop by and see what I can do for you. You can find me on and Twitter.

Project portfolio

I have always wanted to have a nice visual portfolio that makes everybody say WOW!

But, unfortunatelly, I never have time to build it, so I have a simple list with my personal projects and freelance work. I hope some day you can visit this page and WOW a bit.


[ react-tiles in Github | Demo] A react component that divide your app in tiles, and let your users load differen app routes in every tile. Tiles are dragable, sortable and resizable to make easy to customize your layout.


[react-json in Github | Demo ] A JSON editor packed into a react component able to handle JSON object with infinite level of nesting.


[react-datetime in Github | Demo] A complete date and time picker react component that support l10n and i18m out of the box. Recently adquired by youcanbook.me.


[Freezer in github] Freezer is a state holder for frontend applications. It store immutable data and offer the tools to update its internal state with easy. Any changes on the state will trigger an update event, making it the perfect choice for reactive apps. See React the simple way.


[Fluxify in github] The simplest implementation of the flux pattern to be used with react.


[Amd require in github] AMDrequire is NPM package that makes Node.js understand modules defined in AMD format.


[Backbone-resolve in github] A backbone plugin that brings permanent events capabilities to Backbone.js.

tule cms

[Tule in githubIn progress. An extensible cms for Node.js that uses MongoDB to persist the data and Backbone.js for the front end.

custom sidebars

[Custom sidebars in wordpress.org] An easy way of customize the sidebars for WordPress sites +200,000 current installations and counting. Recently adquired by WPMU.

+you google bar

[+you in chrome store and FF addons] A chrome and Firefox plugin to configure the deprecated google black bar with ease.