Get your captcha personalized

This is my last dumb project which allows to trolling everybody, everywhere, writing whatever you want to say in a captcha:

Your Captcha Creator:

I tried to make it as simple as possible, just write down your worst feelings in the input bar and press enter. If you like your creation press the down key to download your captcha.

This is a new resource for designers that want to play with captchas, or for people who want to send a special message to their friends.

The page is made using HTML5, CSS3, it has a responsive design, keyboard navigation and integrates facebook and twitter easily. Moreover, it was created from the begining for touch devices, so it has big icons to make confortable create captchas using your iPad.

If you like, send me a captcha message via facebook!

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Transitions here have been created using a library of mine:
React interactable.
This awesome hyperspace effect thanks to this codepen from Noah Blon.
Software development can be fun!
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