+You Google Bar: Customize it!

There is something about Google that has always annoyed me, the links in the black upper bar. That bar couldbe really useful, I remember when I had a link to Google Reader in it, what a beautiful time!! But some day Google decided that there are more interesting things to show in that bar, like Google Play that I have never used, and they don't let me configure the bar to bring my beloved Reader back.

That's the reason why I ended up creating a little Chrome extension to sort the Google bar and bring back useful links from Google which have been exiled to the More menu or further away.

+You Gbar adds a configuration menu to the Google pages that let you add, sort or remove the links from the Google bar easily, just by dragging and dropping.

In seconds you will have the bar that you need instead of the bar where Google promotes its last products. How nice!! +You Gbar also stores a different sidebar for differents Google users, so it can be useful for several people using the same Chrome.

So what are you waiting for increase your productivity?

Download +You Gbar Extension

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