A really lightweight state manager library for frontend applications made in Typescript. It uses a single store to cache the data from the API and it's compound by 3 main elements: Loaders, Reducers and Selectors.

Solidity Playground

A small library to run solidity snippets in the browser by running an Ethereum Virtual Machine in the browser, It's able to compile the snippets as contracts, deploy them in the EVM, and then offer a UI to call its functions.

Computadoras Singulares

Computadoras Singulares is a youtube channel where I tried to highlight some aspects of computers that are not usually talked about.

I tried to make it fun and show how computers work to people that are not familiar with them. (In Spanish)

React DOM Instance

When using react-dom's findDOMNode() we get the HTML node generated by a react component instance.

react-dom-instance's findInstance() goes in the opposite direction: from an HTML node, we get the react component instance that generated it.

React Datetime

A complete date and time picker for as a React library, it supports l10n and i18n, and it's hugely customizable.

Recommended by many reviews, it's my most popular open-source project with 2k stars in github.

Worker function

A javascript library to make simple to run functions in their own threads by using browser's workers, and return results using promises.

It treats workers as disposable resources that can be used to process some data without blocking the rendering thread, and then discarded.


UrlHub is another javascript routing library. The difference is that UrlHub is SIMPLE, it's made to be understood completely just by reading the README file.


An immutable tree data structure that emits events on updates, even if the modification is emited by one of the leaves, making it easier to think in a reactive way.

More than 1K stars on Github avails this library as a very simple data management tool.

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Transitions here have been created using a library of mine:
React interactable.
This awesome hyperspace effect thanks to this codepen from Noah Blon.
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